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Dropping in, very very late.

Actually over on mcsmooch, because of my horrendous tardiness: Primacy | PG | ~7,100

So, well, stuff happened, and this story is late, late, embarrassingly late. But here it is. I give you fic, Cate. I hope you enjoy. :)

This is sort of a take on the events of The Shrine, so spoilers for that. But it isn't, quite. A little angsty, but ends with smooching, of course, because me, I like happy endings. Many thanks to artemisiabrisol for beta services.

( Rodney always remembers this: )
better mistakes

John and Finn, lazy Sunday


Your presence on my flist is truly a joy. I had a bad day at school? There's a ficlet to be read. Work sucks? Picspam! Horrible month of fail? Another round of mcsmooch is ready to go! What if I just need a quick shot of John/Rodney goodness? There's a fangirl squeefest waiting for me!

Thank you for making us all feel so welcome in your happy place, for making it our happy place. You've been the cause of countless goofy grins for me, so I hope to return a tiny bit of that happiness to you on your birthday (well...a day late; I blame school!).

First, a little preview:

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Even belateder BD wishes...

Sorry to come so late to the party! I am empty-handed of everything but praise for you. You are a never-ending fountain of joy and delight for all things SGA. Your blessed Farm drew me into SGA fandom, and my life has never been the same.

Thank you for being one of the steadfast pillars in this crazy community. No matter the recent developments, I look forward to reading your offerings for a long time to come.
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Birthday wishes

You don't know me, I don't think, but I recently dove headfirst into the SGA fandom and you're EVERYWHERE!OMG. And for just cause:

You always have something nice to say about and to people when they're feeling down. You just spread a kind of happiness across the part of fandom that I see. People love you, and that says a lot about who you are.

You're a terrific fan. You love the show and the characters. And everything about it - even when it pisses you off. And you encourage others to love the show. I LOVE when mcsmooch opens for whatever reason/whim you're having at the moment! I love when you post picspam. All that just makes enjoying the show AND the fandom that much more fun. What more could a fandom ask for?

Every piece I've ever read by you (and there've been a lot, you prolific thing you!) has been absorbing. I fall into your stories, and when I come out, I'm a little befuddled at the world around me because it doesn't look anything like the world I'd been in - comparatively speaking, it's a little lacking, if you ask me, this REAL WORLD.


Happy birthday.
Keep on doing whatever it is that you do, because it's working.

Happy Birthday to you!

Cate! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love your work so much. I'm one of your biggest fans (but not in the creepy, Kathy Bates way).

I'm so embarrassed to be late; I couldn't figure out how to post, and finally realized that you had to JOIN this comm in order to post to it! *fails at LJ*
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Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cate! Though we've never met I'm so glad to have had the chance to read your stories! They've inspired and comforted me so basically there's a small sea of goodwill in my heart with your name on it! Seriously though, if there was some bizarre meta-feedback universe then Rodney McKay and John Sheppard would have action-figures of YOU on their desks, just because you treat them so well ^___^

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Sorry I am a little late! Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a lovely day, and I adore you. I don't have any presents for you right now, but maybe I will come up with something soon. ♥
k gargoyle

you don't know me, but

I just had to drop in and say Happy Birthday.   It's lovely how we're all getting gifts.

You write so beautifully that it hurts.  'Sokay, though.  You always make it turn out right in the end.
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Also, I picked the icon just for you :D

There's really not much I can say that hasn't already been said, Cates. You're a brilliant writer, funny, and completely wonderful. You've always got awesome guhhh pictures for your friends. All of your fics are absolutely amazing. I can't read any of the Iowa stories without laughing, or having those achey chest pains, or wishing I had someone like John, Rodney, or Finn in my life. The way you write is the most wondeful combination of hilarious, heartbreakingly sweet, soulshattering, and uterus-explodyness.

I don't know how many times I've reread Iowa just to go through that rollercoster of emotions that only you can produce with your words, but everytime I do, I end up with sore cheeks from smiling so big at stupid, loving, funny, messy boys.

I know I'm quite a bit late to the party, but I blame that on my late working hours. I don't have anything else to offer you, other than this giant heartfelt thanks for being such a wonderful writer, yummy picture finder, and friend.

Happy birthday, Cate, and I hope it was a wonderful day for you!
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JF Lolcatversion

happiest of birthdays

I hope your day was fantastic - of the many joys you bring to fandom, it's your unabashed squee that I enjoy the most. You taught me a really important lesson: never harsh on someone else's squee. Thank you for that and for all your lovely fic - you rock!
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